About BBB4X4 and Neil Bainbridge

BBB4X4 is a new venture which is part of the Neil Bainbridge Engineering Group – an engineering business which has been building, restoring and race preparing specialist vehicles, specifically Porsche, for over 40 years.

Founder Neil Bainbridge has always had a passion for adventure and exploring remote beautiful parts of the world and after calling time on a successful racing driver career started looking for new challenges.

These have ranged from his circumnavigation in 2010 of England, Wales and Scotland in a very small outboard-powered Zapcat surf boat to more recently appearing in the Channel 4 series Escape in Mexico, famously earning this accolade from presenter and former SAS man Ant Middleton, "I don’t have a dad, but if I did I’d want him to be like Neil."

BBB4X4 has been set up by Neil to engineer and build a number of high-performance off-road vehicles to compete in the most demanding rally raid events around the world. The prototype vehicle has been specifically built to meet the rigours of the 2023 Rally Raid events and represents 18 months of labour and a six figure investment to ensure the vehicle presents a competitive proposition and engineering showcase for the BBB4X4 enterprise.

The team will support the Clic Sargent Cancer Care for Children "Young Lives vs Cancer" charity on every event participation - a really worthy cause close to our heart.


Neil Bainbridge

Established BS Motorsport in 1996 and has since built it into the go-to name in the UK for repairs, servicing and restoration for the higher-end air-cooled 911 classics such as the RS, RSR and ST models. Offers meticulous and race-winning motorsport preparation and race-day support for both air- and water-cooled 911s, too. What he doesn’t know about the inside of a 7R crankcase or a 915 gearbox really isn’t worth knowing. Has a passion for boats, and in 2010 circumnavigated England, Wales and Scotland in an outboard-powered RIB, or rigid inflatable.

Neil Bainbridge: BS Motorsport
Neil Bainbridge