• 20 April 2023

    Morocco Desert Challenge

    The gruelling event for which we have built the buggy - the Morocco Desert Challenge will be an off-road adventure racing across fast African plains, big sand dunes, salt lakes and featuring some of the legendary Paris-Dakar stages.

  • 01 December 2022

    Millbrook Proving Ground

    Millbrook's off-road tracks provide some of the best off-road facilities in Europe with a comprehensive range of terrains for us to test our buggy and simulate the conditions we shall encounter in Morocco. A vital part of our test programme to finalise set up for competitive events.

  • 24 September 2022

    Kop Hill Climb

    A terrific local event which first ran in 1910. The event raises money for many local charities and our V8 powered Buggy took a number of guests out for a taster on the performance offered from a 7 litre Chevy powered off-road buggy.